Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Half-breeds
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Sprayed by hydrochloric gas
Killed by Dean, Dr. Bruce Abbot
Family Patrick Ross † (Father)
Unnamed prostitute † (Mother)
Various Siblings
Sara (half-sister)
Abilities Transform to alien form, Strong animalistic instinct of procreation, Rapid regeneration, Penis-tentacle for impregnating females or killing
Played by James Leo Ryan
Appearances Species III

Yosef is a character from Species III. He was one of the half-breed sons of Patrick Ross with a unnamed human mother from the previous film, and is one of the survivors from the previous film.

Species IIIEdit

Yosef was riding in a train when Sara feels his presence and tries to reach him. But she falls and gets her arm cut, however he has felt her too.

When Sara realizes that he is town, she goes to a hotel where she waits for him. Once Yosef arrives and checks in the two begin to mate, but then Sara rejects him when she discovers that he suffers from diseases. This enrages him and Yosef tells her not to turn her back on them (the halfbreeds). Later on he breaks into Bruce Abbot's house, Yosef attacks Sara and tries to impregnate her. Abbot sprays hydrochloric gas over the lab, killing Yosef, but he is killed by the latter.

Trivia Edit

  • He shares the same eye color with Amelia in his alien form.
  • He attempted to impregnate Sara in the same way that Patrick impregnated Eve.


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