Tom Hollander
Tom Hollander
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Cause of Death N/A
Killed by N/A
Family Miranda Hollander † (His creation)
Abilities Unknown
Played by Ben Cross
Appearances Species: The Awakening

Tom Hollander is a character and one of the protagonists of Species: The Awakening. He is one of the people who are Miranda's creators. He acted as her uncle and works at a museum.


Tom lives with Miranda (his creation). Tom is notified by the police when Miranda, who's celebrating her birthday, suddenly becomes unconscious and is sent to a local hospital. When Miranda arrives at the hospital, she silently transforms into her alien form, strips naked and kills a few people. When Tom finally arrives at the hospital, he finds bodies everywhere. Tom locates Miranda, injects her with human hormones and begins to drive her to Mexico. On the way to Mexico, Miranda wakes up, asking for the cause of her 'illness'. Tom tells Miranda that she is the result of an experiment that combined human and alien DNA, an experiment conducted with his friend, Forbes McGuire (Dominic Keating) while they were both still in college. Tom has been injecting her with human hormones since her childhood to suppress her alien DNA. Her parents never existed; they were just a fiction created by Tom to help build up Miranda's "normal life". Tom explains he and Forbes parted ways because of differences of opinion over their vision of their creation.


  • Out of the characters that performed experiments in the franchise, Tom is the only male character that is morally responsible and protective of Miranda and doesn't try to keep her confined.


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