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Species: The Awakening is the fourth installment and a stand-alone film in the Species film series. The film was directed by Nick Lyon and premiered on the American broadcast, the Sci-Fi Channel on September 29, 2007. It was released on DVD on October 2, 2007.


Miranda Hollander (Helena Mattsson) is a beautiful and intelligent woman in her early twenties. She is a college professor and lives with her "uncle", Tom Hollander (Ben Cross) who works in a museum. Miranda believes that she has lived with her "uncle" ever since her parents were killed in an accident while she was a baby. After her birthday,
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Miranda becomes unconscious and is sent to a local hospital. Tom is notified by the police. When Miranda arrives at the hospital, she quickly strips naked and transforms into her alien form. Miranda kills a several people at the hospital without pity, hesitation or mercy. When Tom finally arrives at the hospital the following morning, he finds bodies everywhere. Tom locates Miranda, injects her with human hormone and begins to drive her to Mexico.

On the way to Mexico, Miranda wakes up, asking for the cause of her 'illness'. Tom tells Miranda that she is the result of an experiment that combined human and alien DNA, an experiment conducted with his friend Forbes McGuire (Dominic Keating) while they were both still in college. Miranda can read books just by touching them, without even needing to open them. Tom has been injecting her with human hormones since her childhood to suppress her alien DNA. Her parents never existed; they were just a fiction created by Tom to help build up Miranda's "normal life." Tom explains he and Forbes parted ways because of differences of opinion over the vision of their creation.

When they arrive in Mexico, Miranda rests in a motel room while Tom spends the day searching for Forbes. After a few incidents, Tom and Miranda locate Forbes' current home. Forbes now lives with his recent experiment named Azura (Marlene Favela), another human and alien DNA hybrid who also serves as his lover. Forbes supports his experiment by creating half-alien facsimiles of dead pets and relatives. Forbes checks Miranda's condition and finds that Miranda has reached the end of her lifespan and will die in days. The only way to deny death is injecting fresh human DNA into Miranda. Miranda won't allow that to happen when she realizes it will result in the sacrifice of another human being.

Then Miranda goes unconscious again. Tom goes searching for a "donor" and is mugged by a woman in the process. Azura then incapacitates the mugger and the two bring her back to Forbes' lab, where they succeed in extending Miranda's life. Unfortunately, Miranda goes unstable and the alien side dominates; now she seduces men, killing them swiftly after. Tom chases and beats Azura in a church, when Azura transforms into her natural form. Forbes chases Miranda, but she seduces him by undressing, causing him to be aroused by her nudity before he can give her another injection. Miranda uses his seduction to remove his clothes as well before copulating with him. Once she is finished copulating with him, Miranda kills Forbes without pity, remorse or hesitation using her tongue.

The climax is in Forbes' house, when Miranda is tired and beaten by Tom, afraid she's pregnant. Tom is attacked again by Azura, but Miranda, in alien form, redeems herself for Tom's good work, and helps attack Azura; they succeed in killing her. However, Miranda is wounded, and after she goes back to human form, she dies. In the final scene Tom turns on all the gas burners and tanks in the house and leaves.



On September 6, 2006, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer announced another sequel to Species was in production. An MGM/360 Production, filming commenced in October 2006, with Frank Mancuso Jr. returning as producer. The producers wanted to go back to H. R. Giger's designs of the alien creature due to popularity with fans and the absence of this decision in the last installment. The original look is apparent but with different color variations and new spikes on the aliens' wrists of the nemesis. It is also a first in the series that a half-human, half-alien character does not change fully into the alien creature but has prosthetic eyebrows, veins and contacts for a long period of time in more than one scene. The film's title underwent several changes, starting as Species IV, Species: Quattro and finally Species: The Awakening. During pre-production the film was referred to as Species IV on movie websites. When an online trailer was released the film was called Species: Quattro. Eventually Nick Lyon, the director of the film, gave the film's current name on his official website. Like the previous films, the original film's logo is used for the main title.

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