Sara's Mate
Sara's Mate
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species The Species
Age Less than a year
Status Alive
Cause of Death N/A
Killed by N/A
Family Sara (Mate)
Dean (Creator)
Abilities Unknown
Played by Jason Sarcinelli
Appearances Species III

Sara's Mate is a character from Species III. He is a male hybrid created from the salvaged remains of one of Patrick Ross' children to provide Sara a lifelong companion.


Not much is known about Sara's mate, except that he was made for Sara as a companion. When first encountered, he appears as a little boy, when last seen, he is full-grown and in the wind with Sara.

As a safeguard to ensure that no offspring would come about in the future, Sara's mate was engineered to be sterile instead of fertile.


  • He is the second-known hybrid to survive beyond the first film he appeared in after Sara.
  • In a way, he is a clone of a child of Patrick's, making him similar to Eve, who was a duplicate of Sil.
  • Unknown to Sara, he is sterile, preventing her from having any offspring in the future.
  • He has never spoken a word in the scenes he is in.