Species Human Race TPB
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species The Species
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Genetic degeneration
Killed by N/A
Family Kal's Child
Abilities Unknown
Played by N/A
Appearances Species: Human Race

Kal is a genetically-engineered hybrid of the same species as Sil, except being a male version born to a human woman.


Born to a human woman, Kal developed in the same way as Sil had, but once he saw a woman for the first time, he became dangerous and got loose from confinement. He eventually reached full maturity via the cocoon stage and tried to mate and produce offspring, only managing to succeed once, but was unable to continue due to several factors, one of them being his physical and cellular degeneration. At the end of his life, he tried to mate with another woman, but decayed too fast and melted into pulp.