004SPC Rick Dean 001
Biographical information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Skull Punctured
Killed by Amelia
Family Amelia (Sex Encounter)
Abilities Debauchery
Played by Rick Dean
Appearances Species III

Cobb is a character from Species III. He was a redneck who worked at a gas station. When Amelia came to get gas, Cobb was immediately attracted to her. He attempted to rape her, only for her to begin violently copulating with him and then killing him.

Biography Edit

Species III Edit

Cobb worked at the gas station where Amelia stopped to refill her car. He took an instant attraction to her and she was noticeably flirtatious with him. As she left for the women's restroom, Cobb put the gas pump into automatic and followed Amelia into the restroom with the intent of raping her. However, Amelia beat him at his own game and he ended up being raped by her on the toilet with his pants and boxers down and his face close to her naked breasts. Although he enjoyed it at first, she quickly became rough and began to cause him great discomfort. Finally, she revealed her alien nature and impaled him through the skull with her tongue.


  • "What'll it be?"
  • "Are you sure you don't need something else?"
  • "There's a women's room around the back"
  • "Maybe you should file a complaint"
  • "Maybe I should teach you some manners"
  • "Jesus! Stop!"
  • "You're goddamn killing me!"
  • "Oh, shit!"


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